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AlbeiSoft provides for Web Site Design and Development: Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Promotion, Web Site Maintenance

Web Site Design and Development 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Web Site Maintenance

Most businesses neither have the time or the knowledge to manage and maintain their own website. We can provide timely updates for clients that wish to outsource their Web maintenance duties. Maintenance activities include adding pages to the site, incorporating E-Commerce functionality, designing custom graphics, changing text copy, custom artwork design, adding/removing/updating products and more.

Simply email the changes, updates or additions and we'll attend to it promptly. Having us manage your website will let you concentrate your efforts on running your business, without having to worry about all above.

You'll be certain to draw repeat customers by keeping your web site up-to-date and fresh. No special events or meetings coming up? How about some new colors, "Cool Links" or fresh FAQs for your visitors?

Web Site Redevelopment

If your site is missing a certain luster or a competitor's site is a cut above yours, you may want to consider site redevelopment. With today's fast-moving Web technology, only sites that keep up with the pace will stand above the rest. We can spruce up your site by giving it a more professional and up-to-date appearance, incorporate newer, more impressive technology, etc. Your site can be made quicker to download, easier to navigate, and more pleasurable to view and use.

Some "standard" web applications that we offer:

Website & Internet Search Engines

If your business has a large site, it is a good idea to have a way for your visitors to find items of interest on your site without having to browse the whole thing.
A "Site Search Engine" is the solution. We installed and set up many of these for various clients. The search engines we install do not have to search your site each time, rather they search through a pre-defined index. This speeds up searches considerably and keeps those impatient types happy. The actual search results page(s) look similar to the major internet search engines, which gives your site a degree of professionalism.

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