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AlbeiSoft provides for Web Site Design and Development: Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing, Promotion, Web Site Maintenance

Web Site Design and Development 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


AlbeiSoft specializes in secure web applications that can meet any small, medium and corporate company needs on the Internet. We bring real-time database applications and fully functional E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) solutions to life by developing the most cost effective and efficient solution for your business. Web create the look and feel that is custom tailored to your unique needs.

E-Commerce is having a huge impact on the way people do their shopping. This is where your business can take advantage of the Internet. You are no longer limited by demographics, your products are seen World-Wide and may be purchased as such.

The usual procedure is to put your catalogue or selected product(s) on your website with a description, price and thumbnail photo of each. An "Add To Basket" or "Add to Cart" button is placed beside each item. The visitor can add items to their virtual "Shopping Cart" as they peruse your merchandise.
The E-Commerce application keeps track of which items they have purchased and keeps a running total of the amount of the order. The visitor may remove items from their cart at any time should they change their mind.

Once they're finished shopping, they proceed to the "Check-Out". At this point, the visitor is transferred to a secure server where they fill out all the pertinent info such as name, address, credit card number etc. Once this is done they submit the order. In seconds, you receive an email informing you of the purchase. At this time you process it as if it were a phone order, getting authorization, and then filling and shipping the order.


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