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AlbeiSoft - The Business Solutions Center

Time costs money, but quality saves money

AlbeiSoft is a high-end software solutions team of IT specialists providing desktop development, web development and application maintenance for small, medium or corporate companies.

If you have a desktop application, web site or a multimedia project, AlbeiSoft will be pleased to help you reach your goals by providing the best solution for your business needs.

We understand that keeping up with emerging technologies isn't always possible for many companies, which is why we constantly research and develop new ways to implement the most efficient desktop applications, web sites or multimedia projects for your business.

For more information see the desktop development or web development areas.

Latest or Future Projects

  • - Sport and Healthy Life web portal (working on it)

  • - Active Portal for Business in Romania and in the World, for Ethical and Responsible Business (working on it)

  • eAuction - Online Auction that allow users to list items they wish to sell and bid on items they wish to buy (working on it)

  • - Web Portal for Health and Life: For a Healthy Lifestyle and a Happy Life
    [ The site also include information about how: ALL "Diseases", Conditions - Physical, Emotional, Mental, Soul (Spiritual) - can be CURED with a Healthy Lifestyle ]
    True health is not the absence of disease.
    True health means emotional, physical, mental and spiritual (psychical, spiritual) well-being.
    You will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (working on it)

  • - A well known Endocrinologist and Nutritionist Doctor in Romania and also outside Romania (finished in Mar. 2011 - update on Jun. 2019)

  • - Christian Orthodox Portal (finished in Sep. 2010 - update on Mar. 2019)

  • - Christian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries news web site and more...- The site we'll be redesigned, SEO optimized (working on it)

  • - Video Channel of Pro-Vita (Pro-Life) Association - Association "Pro-Vita for Born and Unborn", Bucharest Branch (finished in Aug. 2010)

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